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jenny dell hot female sports reporter red sox nesnWe just wrapped up an interview with New England Sports Network’s Red Sox Reporter Jenny Dell (Ed note: You can see the full Jenny Dell interview here) and I have to say her story is pretty darn remarkable.

Have you ever day-dreamed of being “discovered” when you weren’t expecting it. You know just walking in the mall and someone comes up and tries to recruit you to some modeling agency or as an actor. It’s a dream many people have, but few actually can say happened to them.

Dell falls into the latter category, her story of how she was discovered surprised the heck out of me.

But getting an opportunity is only step one, the real impressive part is what she has done with that chance, vaulting from a Production Assistant at ESPN to earning a job on-air with the Red Sox all within 5 years of graduating from UMass.

There is a great lesson to be learned here: it’s up to you to make the most of your chances whether it is an interview that a friend helps you get, a connection made via social media or a chance meeting at the local Starbucks. Be ready for your chance, because you won’t necessarily know when it”s coming.

I still remember the day I got a phone interview from CNN/Sports Illustrated just after graduation. In the first 2 minutes of our conversation I was asked “Are you ready for your sports quiz?”. I was literally in my parents kitchen having moved back home just two days prior with my tail between my legs since I hadn’t landed a job yet.

I knew this was my chance and I was ready (P.S. I nailed it, despite my Mom hovering over me the entire quiz).

You won’t want to miss this interview, some of the subjects we cover:

  • The importance of mentors in her career development
  • Switching from a Hospitality and Tourism Management major to Sports Journalism in College
  • How she built her network of industry connections
  • The pressure of handling a major market team in one of the most passionate sports fan bases in the world
We’ll have the link here on Monday (Ed Note: The interview with Jenny Dell is posted here) – be on the lookout and get ready to share it with your friends!


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