Meet Ortis Deley – He’s Really Bad At This

I often feel bad for Brian Collins.

Name doesn’t ring a bell? He was the Ball State University student made famous by being an absolutely horrendous Sportscaster. Still doesn’t ring a bell? How about this “…and BOOM goes the dynamite!” Ah ha! now you remember. (if you don’t I embedded the video below).

Collins has a new partner in YouTube infamy and his name is Ortis Deley. Forget about watching a car wreck, this is like watching a whole herd of deer run out into the street and play chicken with the bus from Speed (I may have an obsession with Keanu Reeves, but it is presently unconfirmed).

What is worse is that this isn’t on local cable or at some minor event, this is the 2011 World Track and Field Championships and he has four-time Olympic Gold Medal winner Michael Johnson sitting by his side as an analyst. Check it out:


*Channel 4 has blocked the video on YouTube – we had a lot of traffic and buzz from the post so I think they were a little embarrassed. Check out some of our other popular articles: Hockey Players are Bad A$$ , Ten Worst Actors in a Sports Movie, and Hilarious Sports Graphic Errors or just enjoy the BOOM goes the Dynamite guy below.

And if you don’t remember poor Brian Collins, here he is again (poor kid is probably selling insurance somewhere outside of Muncie, Indiana jacking up someones coverage every time this video gets embedded):

So you’re probably all ready to start your TV career now right?

Thanks to my good friend Jon Horton for supplying this link!

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