ESPN’s Tom Jackson has Lost all Credibility

After the Jets dispatched of the favored Patriots in the AFC divisional round of the NFL playoffs, Jets linebacker Bart Scott sounded off. Scott started his long post-game rant with, “To all the nonbelievers, especially you Tom Jackson!” aiming his displeasure at the ESPN analysts 30-10 prediction favoring the Patriots. In an interview on ‘Mike […]


NFL Films: Top 100 Greatest Players Available to Own

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It’s a proven fact, everybody loves a list. If you are producing content, whether it’s for TV or for your facebook status, your goal is to create something people will talk about. NFL Films knows this better than anyone, their production of  ‘The Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players’  has had NFL fans buzzing since it’s debut last fall on NFL Network. Now the epic 10-hour production is […]

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Detroit Pistons Sports Career Fair

If you’re looking for a way to break into the Sports Industry attending a career fair where you’ll have a chance to meet with team executives face-to-face is a great start. Register now for the Detroit Pistons 11th Annual Sports and Entertainment Career Fair February 4th at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Bringing together industry leaders […]

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Note to Ron Franklin: It’s 2011

While many of us have been on vacation or at least taking it a bit easy, higher-ups at ESPN have had a tough couple of weeks. First there was the plagiarism incident with ESPNews Sportscaster Will Selva,  then to further complicate things College Football announcer Ron Franklin called sideline reporter Jeannine Edwards “sweet-baby” and “a-hole” prior to […]


2010 ESPN’s Most Viewed Year

Despite turning 30 this year, ESPN hasn’t gone through the normal malaise and mental anguish most of us do when we leave our 20′s. No weight gain, no thinning hair, no settling for what’s comfortable. In fact, the ESPN family of networks just posted their most-viewed year and their most watched 4th quarter ever, according to Nielsen. The 4th […]

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Confessions of a Sports TV Spouse

I’ve been with a Sports TV guy since the late 90s. When he first started working in Sports TV, he was a bright-eyed 21-year-old ready to take on the world. He had aspirations of meeting Joe Montana and to be on the field when the Red Sox won the World Series. Instead, he met Don […]

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