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Chivas USA Job Fair and Executive Lecture

Are you looking to break into the Sports industry? If you live in the Los Angeles area here’s your opportunity to meet face-to-face with hiring managers of several companies looking to add talented people to their staff. In addition to the Job Fair hosted by Chivas USA, there will be an executive lecture featuring Antonio […]


The Kings of Los Angeles

Okay, raise your hand if – in April – you thought the Staples Center inhabitant with the best chance to win a title this spring would be the one playing on ice. I thought so. The chances of the Lakers and Clippers watching their ice skating housemates play for a championship increased significantly Saturday as […]


A Chip Off The Sports Neuroses Block

Saturday night I realized I’m a good parent. I knew it before: my twin 15-year-old boys are good citizens and students and they let me talk to them when their friends are around. It was confirmed, however, when my hockey-playing son prepared to watch Game Seven of the NHL’s Eastern Semifinal between the Rangers and […]


Stanley Cup Playoffs: Too Much of a Mediocre Thing?

As I waited for game seven of the NHL’s Eastern Conference Semifinal between Washington and my New York Rangers I found myself looking over the carnage that has been this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Blueshirts hung on by a thread as the only top-four seed in the East to survive the first round, let […]


Ed Hochuli’s Worst Nightmare

I’ll be honest, I haven’t paid all that much attention to the contract squabbles going on between the NFL & the referees union. Why would I? The sun is finally out in Seattle and the NBA and NHL playoffs are at full speed, there just isn’t room in the noggin to be all that concerned […]

1 Minute Drill Videos

What You Need to be a Sports Producer

The “One Minute Drill” is a weekly video series full of tips and tricks for getting ahead in the sports broadcasting industry. In this edition, founder Brian Clapp shares the three most important skills for being a successful sports producer. If you want to be a sports producer, this is can’t miss advice! Video […]

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