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Pac 12 Network: Biggest Winners

The easy answer is to say fans of the Pac-12 are the biggest winners, but it’s not that simple, the increased access will cost Pac-12 fans on their monthly cable bill. The real winner here could be ESPN. Fearful of ESPN’s near monopolistic dominance of sports programming, many media insiders and fans have long wished […]


The Hypocrisy of the MLB All-Star Game

I’m far from a Major League Baseball traditionalist – bring on the Wild Card, Interleague Play and lots of instant replay and I believe you get a better baseball product for the fans at home. But the All-Star game deciding who has home field advantage for the World Series – that just irks me to […]

Sports TV News

The Worst Week to be a Sports Producer

For a sports producer at a regional or national sports network, the most difficult show to produce is a 6pm hour long show during the week. Game highlights from the previous night are too old to use and no new games have generally taken place, you are totally dependent on fresh news and your own […]


How to Fix the NFL in Five Steps

I had a preview to what my life would be like without the NFL this year and it was not pretty. It was all because of the weather. The power was out in my house for six hours and I had to spend the time actually talking to my wife, who by the way does […]


NBA Lockout Equals NHL Opportunity

If NBA super agent David Falk is to be believed, the NBA is in serious danger of losing the entire 2011-12 season in order to radically change the way they do business. While sports fans will be the biggest loser, the NHL is first in line to be the biggest winner. The NHL considers themselves […]

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