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Meet Ortis Deley – He’s Really Bad At This

I often feel bad for Brian Collins. Name doesn’t ring a bell? He was the Ball State University student made famous by being an absolutely horrendous Sportscaster. Still doesn’t ring a bell? How about this “…and BOOM goes the dynamite!” Ah ha! now you remember. (if you don’t I embedded the video below). Collins has […]


Do Any NHL Players Have All of Their Teeth?

One of the greatest parts of working in a sports newsroom, surrounded by other passionate sports fans, insiders and analysts, are the debates and discussions that rage on daily. Newsroom debates can be like living a National Geographic video where Lions fight for supremacy on the Savannah, you can’t show weakness in these debates or […]


Twitter Provides Brief Glimpse into NFL Post-game Conversation

I’ve always wondered why there aren’t more fights after NFL games. These guys spend 60 minutes trying to maim each other, and yet they join in the middle of the field after the game and give out man hugs like they were Skittles at a 5-year old birthday party. Logan Mankins punches a guy in […]

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San Antonio Spurs Sports Job Fair

Whether you are a college student close to graduation or a current professional looking for change, job fairs represent your best chance to meet face-to-face with hiring managers and recruiters for top notch sports businesses, media outlets and professional teams. Register now for the Spurs Sports and Entertainment Job Fair sponsored by the U.S. Coast […]

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