Friday Night Lights: The Final Season

Coach Taylor and the East Dillon Lions prepare for their final season Photo Courtesy: NBC

For fans of ‘Friday Night Lights’ the last chance to don your East Dillon Lions jersey is quickly approaching. According to Entertainment Weekly the 5th and final season of the teenage football drama is set to begin October 27th on DirecTV.

For a show that has always been on the brink of being cancelled, making it to a 5th season seems like a victory. This past May, all 5 seasons of the critically acclaimed series were purchased by ABC Family to air in syndication.

The final season will have a new look with series regulars Taylor Kitsch and Jesse Plemons appearing to be less involved with storylines. Kitsch’s character (Tim Riggins) finished last season heading to jail after taking the fall for his brother when they were busted for stripping cars. While Plemons (Landry Clarke) was last seen leaving for Chicago.

From the look of the season 5 trailer, the show is throwing a bit of a ‘Hail Mary’ by focusing on the looks of its young stars, rather than the storylines that have kept a passionate fan base behind the show.

Season 5 will appear on NBC in the spring of 2011.

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