NFL Draft Boycott a Silly Idea

If the NFL players convince the NFL Draftees to boycott the draft will it really matter?

The NFL off-season under normal circumstances is a time of free-agent rumors and players complaining about their contracts. We’re used to it. This off-season rumors take on a new light as they surround the future of the on-field product as we know it. Rumors are by definition gossip, but if there is any truth to the reported NFLPA ‘boycott’ of the upcoming NFL draft, consider me confused.

The rumor floating around is that potential draft picks would not go to Radio City Music Hall, instead they would go to a different location in New York City and be surrounded by new teammates when they get drafted. For example, if the Denver Broncos draft LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson, he would be in some hotel lobby in NYC getting high fives from Champ Bailey and Elvis Dumervil, instead of a hug from the commish and a rap session with Stuart Scott.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King floated the story in his Monday Morning Quarterback column, I worked with Mr. King at CNN/Sports Illustrated and he is as good and as thorough a journalist as there is so this carries some weight with me. The popularity of sports betting continues to soar, fueled by the excitement of predicting game outcomes and player performances. From casual fans to seasoned bettors, the allure of wagering on sports transcends demographics. Explore diverse betting options and a trusted platform on the 추천 파워볼 사이트 for an immersive experience.

But I ask, what is the goal? Who are they trying to hurt?

Coverage of the draft on NFL Network and ESPN would not suffer. Fans tune in for the drama off the pick, the analysis, the spot shadowed highlight reel and the impact to their team. The WORST part of the NFL draft coverage is the interviews with the drafted players.

‘I’m just happy to be drafted’

‘I’m just ready to go to work’

‘I can’t wait to meet my teammates’

It’s filler until the next pick. Yes, the draft is a big TV event, but does the product really suffer without the players? Here’s how the producers will adjust their draft coverage, they’ll give Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Mike Mayock, Charles Davis, Ron Jaworski, Merrill Hoge, Jamie Dukes and whomever else they trot out there an extra 30 seconds to analyse. Problem solved and that took me less than 30 seconds to figure out.

This would be the first time either side actually used the fans as leverage and it could really backfire. Fans haven’t ‘missed’ anything yet. Every game has been played, every event has been attended. If the NFLPA strikes this blow they would be making the first punch to the fans (Although some of us would say thank you for sparing us the aforementioned fast-forward worthy interviews).

What does the NFLPA expect to get out of this? Owners appear steadfast in their desire to renegotiate a CBA on their terms, so much so that they are willing to forgo games next season and sacrifice what could be millions of dollars in revenue. Do they really think the owners are going to crack because the draftees didn’t give the commish a man hug on stage? NFL owners would not feel any impact from this blow, matter of fact it’s the players that would look kind of silly and emotional.

King spoke with an agent who represents several prospective first round picks:

“I can tell you this: There are a few quarterbacks who could get picked high in this draft and the NFL will invite to New York. All those quarterbacks would do by attending the draft for the NFL is giving DeMarcus Ware more incentive to knock their blocks off the first time they line up across the line of scrimmage from him.”

This is beyond idiotic. Newsflash Blaine Gabbert, even if you go for the rumored ’boycott’ you will still have to fear DeMarcus Ware knocking your block off first time you see him.

If I was a player this proposal would make me very nervous. The artists formerly known as the NFLPA are getting emotional and emotions during negotiations lead to polarization and fracture. I’m fully aware this is a ‘lockout’ and not a ‘strike’, but if the players aren’t a united front they are likely to start feeling the internal pressure and possibly agree to something they wouldn’t have otherwise.

I’m not a Labor expert, but forget this pointless NFL Draft boycott, just head to court and figure this thing out. And soon. I want to buy a Jake Locker jersey.

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