NFL Adjusting Some Kickoff Times For Upcoming Season

The NFL has altered the start times for some of the late-afternoon games for the upcoming season from 4:15 p.m. ET to 4:25 p.m. to avoid concurrent game action. The only start times affected will be the nationally televised double-header games. Late games on the non-national network (i.e. any time the Seahawks or Rams play) […]


The Two-Front War against the NFL

I’m not quite sure about the labor battle the NFLPA has started with the NFL. No, not the concussions one.  It makes sense given the number of stories about players suffering from dementia, depression and other ailments both during and after their careers.  The tragedies surrounding Dave Duerson last year, Junior Seau last month and […]


Ed Hochuli’s Worst Nightmare

I’ll be honest, I haven’t paid all that much attention to the contract squabbles going on between the NFL & the referees union. Why would I? The sun is finally out in Seattle and the NBA and NHL playoffs are at full speed, there just isn’t room in the noggin to be all that concerned […]


Warren Sapp Should Have Been Fired By NFL Network

The decision of the NFL Network to retain Warren Sapp as an analyst despite his on air reckless indictment of Jeremy Shockey as the “snitch” in the Saints bounty scandal is cowardice in it’s purest form. Shockey has been cleared of any involvement in Bountygate by Sean Payton, his former coach with the Saints and by […]

College Sports

The Secret of Interviewing Sports Figures

Later this week we will be releasing an article titled “Things You Never Knew about the Athletes you Love”. senior writer Pam Modarelli-Hegner has been crafting this gem with two primary purposes, A: to break down the five personality types you encounter working in sports and B: provide tips and advice on how to […]

College Basketball

Infographic: Live Sports Camera Positions and Responsibilities

Click to enlarge the Infographic and learn the standard camera positions for Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Horse Racing and Soccer, all of the major live sports productions! I first started working in sports as a Video Editor at CNN/Sports Illustrated and it instantly changed my view of the television world forever. Whether it was an […]


A Sports Reporters Worst Enemy

Ian Rapoport has a dream job, but that doesn’t mean it is all sunshine and roses. As the New England Patriots beat reporter for the Boston Herald Rapoport (@rapsheet) is forced to match wits on a daily basis with noted curmudgeon and football savant Bill Belichick. Over his 12 years as the head coach in […]


Twitter Provides Brief Glimpse into NFL Post-game Conversation

I’ve always wondered why there aren’t more fights after NFL games. These guys spend 60 minutes trying to maim each other, and yet they join in the middle of the field after the game and give out man hugs like they were Skittles at a 5-year old birthday party. Logan Mankins punches a guy in […]


How to Fix the NFL in Five Steps

I had a preview to what my life would be like without the NFL this year and it was not pretty. It was all because of the weather. The power was out in my house for six hours and I had to spend the time actually talking to my wife, who by the way does […]

College Football

NFL Draft Boycott a Silly Idea

The NFL off-season under normal circumstances is a time of free-agent rumors and players complaining about their contracts. We’re used to it. This off-season rumors take on a new light as they surround the future of the on-field product as we know it. Rumors are by definition gossip, but if there is any truth to the reported NFLPA ‘boycott’ of the […]


The NFL Owners Take Their Ball and Go Home

The Green Bay Packers won the first ever Super Bowl. They may have also won the last ever Super Bowl if yesterday’s meeting between the NFL owners’ and the NFLPA was any indication. Good bye, NFL… It was fun while it lasted. The NFL owners walked out of a negotiating session with the NFLPA yesterday […]

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