Warren Sapp Should Have Been Fired By NFL Network

The decision of the NFL Network to retain Warren Sapp as an analyst despite his on air reckless indictment of Jeremy Shockey as the “snitch” in the Saints bounty scandal is cowardice in it’s purest form. Shockey has been cleared of any involvement in Bountygate by Sean Payton, his former coach with the Saints and by […]

College Sports

The Secret of Interviewing Sports Figures

Later this week we will be releasing an article titled “Things You Never Knew about the Athletes you Love”. senior writer Pam Modarelli-Hegner has been crafting this gem with two primary purposes, A: to break down the five personality types you encounter working in sports and B: provide tips and advice on how to […]

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Our New Sports TV Job Board

It has long been one of our goals to have a deeply targeted job board for all those people in, or looking to break into, the sports broadcasting field. Well, our new Sports TV job board is here – thanks to our partners over at! When I first decided I wanted to work in […]

Sports TV News

Meet Ortis Deley – He’s Really Bad At This

I often feel bad for Brian Collins. Name doesn’t ring a bell? He was the Ball State University student made famous by being an absolutely horrendous Sportscaster. Still doesn’t ring a bell? How about this “…and BOOM goes the dynamite!” Ah ha! now you remember. (if you don’t I embedded the video below). Collins has […]

College Basketball

Pac 12 Network: Biggest Winners

The easy answer is to say fans of the Pac-12 are the biggest winners, but it’s not that simple, the increased access will cost Pac-12 fans on their monthly cable bill. The real winner here could be ESPN. Fearful of ESPN’s near monopolistic dominance of sports programming, many media insiders and fans have long wished […]

Sports TV News

The Worst Week to be a Sports Producer

For a sports producer at a regional or national sports network, the most difficult show to produce is a 6pm hour long show during the week. Game highlights from the previous night are too old to use and no new games have generally taken place, you are totally dependent on fresh news and your own […]


NBA Lockout Equals NHL Opportunity

If NBA super agent David Falk is to be believed, the NBA is in serious danger of losing the entire 2011-12 season in order to radically change the way they do business. While sports fans will be the biggest loser, the NHL is first in line to be the biggest winner. The NHL considers themselves […]

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Potential Game Changer in Regional Sports Networks

Look out Fox Sports Net, Comcast SportsNet and other regional sports networks, there could be a new bully in your neighborhood. According to Multichannel News, Screen Capital International has launched a new affiliate, RSN Partners, whose goal is to help teams establish their own regional sports networks. Networks like YES and NESN, owned at least partially by […]

College Basketball

Sports Media Misses the Point of the BYU Honor Code

BYU’s Brandon Davies suspended for the rest of the College Basketball season after honor code violation (photo courtesy: Associated Press) I usually don’t write about stuff like this. First, it’s dealing with religion, second, it’s a team I don’t care about (Sorry, BYU) and I don’t follow college sports as, um, religiously as I do […]


The NFL Owners Take Their Ball and Go Home

The Green Bay Packers won the first ever Super Bowl. They may have also won the last ever Super Bowl if yesterday’s meeting between the NFL owners’ and the NFLPA was any indication. Good bye, NFL… It was fun while it lasted. The NFL owners walked out of a negotiating session with the NFLPA yesterday […]

College Football

National Flip-Flopping Day

  This past Wednesday was National Letter of Intent day for college football. It has become a near national holiday to some and a huge money making business for others. Back in the 90s when I did sports talk radio, the industry consisted of newsletter subscriptions. Recruiting gurus such as Max Emfinger and Max Howell […]

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