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Become a Sports TV Director

The Sports TV Studio Director is the technical leader of any production.  They work in conjunction with the Producer to make sure all of the editorial content appears smoothly on the air.

A Director doesn’t have to be an expert in every control room job, but should know the basics to lead the various participants. While planning a production, the Director needs to take into account all of the needs and challenges of each crew member.

In sports terms, the Director is the technical quarterback of any studio production. They to call out the plays, get every player in position, and then execute.

Job Skills of Top Sports TV Directors:

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  • Excellent communicators –
    Directors need to let Producers know what can and can’t be done from a technical standpoint. Directors must also communicate well with the control room staff. Before a show goes "live", the Director needs to let every member of his or her team know what to expect and what is expected of them. Once the show goes "live", the Director needs to guide everyone through the Sportscast.
  • Confident Demeanor – If a Quarterback hangs his head after an interception or looks befuddled on the field, the rest of his teammates can start to panic. The same is true of a Director. Stress in a Director’s voice can carry into every member of the crew. Even when events around the Sportscast are going crazy, it’s the Director that has to maintain a sense of tranquility.
  • Organized – Many productions use a "rundown", that is given to all of the crew members. The Director and Producer prepare this rundown during the day. The Producer decides what stories or elements will air, and the Director decides how they will get on the air. This rundown needs to be clearly laid out so everyone working on the Sportscast knows what’s coming up next.
  • Ability to Think Visually – Directors must "see" the Sportscast in their head before it goes "live". By having a clear vision of what they expect, it will be easier to guide the control room crew through the process.

Being a Studio Director may be for you if:

Like Bobby Fisher you are able to see things develop a few steps ahead of everyone else. In a topsy-turvy world the Director is able to maintain focus, articulate proper steps for their staff and coordinate a symphony of workers on a common mission. Make TV look easy.

I always imagine Directors like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix. Work with me here. Near the end of the movie as he learns to harness his power, bullets are flying and people are karate chopping him like crazy. All the while, he is able to slow things down in his mind, make smart adjustments and orchestrate a proper response despite the pandemonium surrounding him.

Welcome to live TV. Minus the bullets. Karate chops… well, that’s another story.

Minimum Requirements: Sports TV Director

  • Associate Degree in Techical Production, Broadcasting or Television Production.
  • Relevnant experience including internships and college television stations.
  • Experience in other Production roles such as Control Room Operator or Technical Director
  • Opportunity, you don’t start out as a Director, you find a role that will allow you the chance to practice and learn.

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