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Become a Copy Editor

A Copy Editor is one of the many important people behind the Sportscasters. They Copy Editor spends their day checking Sportscaster scripts for accuracy, and proper use of the English language. This may not sound like a glamorous job, but it is one of the most important. Credibility is quickly lost if the information you present isn’t accurate. In Sports Media, credibility is everything.become a copy editor for sports tv

One of the best parts of being a copy editor is that it is a transferable skill. A good copy editor can find work in fields outside of Sports Media.

Job Skills of Top Copy Editors:

  • Attention to detail – everything must be triple-checked, no small detail goes unnoticed
  • Knowledge of your subject matter – A Copy Editor needs to be able to sniff out mistakes, being knowledeable about sports may be required in some jobs.

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Being a Copy Editor may be for you if:

You love to read and write, and are meticulous about the small details. You also aren’t afraid to speak up and call out any inconsitencies in a Sportscaster’s script.

Minimum Requirements: Sports Copy Editor

  • Associate Degree in Journalism or News Writing and Editing
  • Writing samples
  • Command of AP Style
  • Experience with social media tools
  • Relevant experience either through internships, college television stations or print media.

sports broadcasting jobs board

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