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Become an Assignment Editor

Job Category:

An Assignment Editor is the person who identifies and collects the news of the day. Assignment Editors are continually tracking down the next "big story" to deliver to Producers.

An Assignment Editor’s typical day may include identifying and building relationships with local or national sports teams, or organizing satellite feeds for a Sportscast. They are also continually digging for news by searching blogs, TV, Radio, Internet, Newspapers & Twitter – anywhere there could be newsworthy content.

Once a story has been identified, the Assignment Editor will build and develop it by obtaining video and sound bites or assigning a news crew to cover stories directly. A news crew typically includes a Cameraman and a Sports Reporter; but often a Field Producer as well.

Job Skills of Top Assignment Editors:

  • Ability to Multi-task – An Assignment Editor must be able to juggle developing stories and all of the corresponding details.
  • Comfortable and confident on the phone – An Assignment Editor must know how to build relationships externally and internally. This is not a role for the timid.
  • Strong Communication skills – It’s not enough to get the right information, an Assignment Editor has to be strong in communicating details across the newsroom, and be persuasive in pitching stories to Producers.
  • Detail oriented – An Assignment Editor can’t afford to miss important facts or get a satellite coordinate wrong – if they do it can jeopardize a Sportscast.
  • Decisive – stories and events come at Assignment Editors all day long, they have to quickly decide if something is worth pursuing.

An Assignment Editor Career may be for you if:

You love the rush of discovering and developing stories and have a great gut instinct. Assignment Editors are decisive and must process various pieces of information quickly.

You also enjoy developing relationships and networking and are a good communicator.

Minimum Requirements: Assignment Editor

  • Associate degree in Journalism, Communication or Television Video Production
  • Relevant work experience, including internships or college television stations
  • Basic understanding of social networking technology including Twitter and Facebook

sports broadcasting jobs board

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