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Become an Associate Producer

The Associate Producer (AP) is the right hand person to the Producer. The job of an Associate Producer is to complete the time-consuming tasks associated with a Sportscast. Associate Producer preparing for SportscastThis allows the Producer to focus on content decisions, developing a smooth flow and fine tuning the timing of the Sportscast.

In one night an Associate Producer may work with the research team, coordinate the development of a fullscreen with the graphics department, mark the Sportscaster scripts with director cues, check on the status of a game highlight and copy edit scripts. An Associate Producers job is ever-changing and fast paced.

A job as an Associate Producer is the ideal training ground for becoming a Producer. As an Associate Producer, you learn all the steps and processes that go into making a good Sportscast. If you work hard and perform above expectations, you may be promoted to a Producer in about 1-2 years.

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Job Skills of Top Associate Producers:

  • Sense of urgency – The clock doesn’t stop moving. An Associate Producer needs to move fast, get their assignment done correctly and be ready and willing for the next task.
  • Willingness to learn – A degree is important, but the real world is where an Associate Producer learns. You need to be open to learning every day by listening, asking questions and jumping at opportunities when they present themselves.
  • Tough skin and no ego – Associate Producers may get pinned for mistakes whether it is warranted or not. A smart Associate Producer will never say ‘that was the Producer’s fault’ no matter how true it may be.
Job Category:

An Associate Producer Job may be for you if:

Your ultimate goal is to be a Producer – which means you like the being in control and are comfortable making big decisions. You won’t have that in this job, but you will if you do this job right. Relish the opportunity.

Associate Producer Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, entry-level jobs in journalism or jobs in Sports Media are increasingly requiring a college degree and some broadcast experience.

About 1,300 colleges and institutions offer programs in communication, journalism, and related occupations. Some community colleges offer 2-year programs in broadcasting. Broadcast trade schools offer courses that last 6 months to a year and teach radio and television announcing, writing, and production.

Individuals pursuing a career in broadcasting often gain their initial experience through internships at professional stations or they earn their stripes at a college radio or television station. This type of hands-on experience is a competitive edge for any candidate.

Minimum Requirements: Associate Producer

sports broadcasting jobs board

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