Video: The Different Types of Sports Cameramen

The “One Minute Drill” is a weekly video series full of tips and tricks for getting ahead in the sports broadcasting industry. In this edition, founder Brian Clapp explains the different types of sports cameramen. If you want to be a sports cameraman this video is a must watch.

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Types of Sports Cameramen Video Transcript:

Welcome to the One Minute Drill – today we’re going to discuss the different types of cameramen used in sports broadcasting and live sports events. You may think that all cameramen are created the same but that is not the case. There are different specialties. The best cameramen can do just about anything, but when you are first starting out you’ll realize that there are different styles that you can fit into.

The first we are going to talk about is called an ENG cameraman – ENG stands for Electronic News Gathering. That is the very technical term, but in the sports industry we refer to them as “Shooters” or “Photogs”. Think of those as your mobile cameraman, they usually have the camera on their shoulder and they are out in the field with sports reporters shooting “News of the Day” type events. Sometimes they’ll be on tripods, shooting reporter stand ups, but most of the time they’ll be out in the field with the camera on their shoulder. The cool thing about being an ENG cameraman (shooter, photog) in sports is that every day is very different. One day you’ll be at practice, the next at a press conference, and then other days at live events shooting game highlights.

The second type is studio camera, and that tends to be a more entry level job. That’s where you’ll be in a studio pointing at the anchor, focusing, making changes, switching from side to side and listening to the director for cues. It’s a good starting spot. Many studios are changing over to robo-cam where all the cameras are controlled remotely from the control room rather than having a physical person operating the camera in the studio.

The third style is being a live sports cameraman, that’s when you are going to have a specific chore or responsibility for a live sports event. Lets say you’re working a baseball game and you might be the low 3rd base angle, you’re going to know prior to the game what the director and producer expect of you. You have to be very attentive during the live sports event, listening to what the director wants you to adjust to, or new ideas that the producer might want to throw your way, but most of the time you’ll have a pretty specific role and will know what is expected of you. Positions change from live sports event to live sports event, for example you might be low under the hoop for basketball, or high mid court, and for football there are many additional positions including sideline area, endzone. mid-field.

The basics of being a sports cameraman are one of those three positions.

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