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One of the most sought after jobs in Sports Television is working on-air as a Sports Anchor/Reporter, and we have a great new job opportunity at a top 150 market in the South.

The reasons why so many people want to work on-camera are simple; you can be the voice of authority for an entire region, investigate interesting stories, meet incredible people and even better… get recognized when you go to the dry cleaners.

But enough about that, lets talk about this job and some resources we have at SportsTVJobs.com to help you in your preparation.

bryan salmond sports reporter anchor new orleans

Sports Anchor Bryan Salmond has climbed the “market ladder” across the nation until recently landing New Orleans.

Working on camera isn’t as simple as writing a story and reading it on air, a multitude of skills are necessary to succeed. To be hired for this job as a Sports Anchor/Reporter, you must be able to shoot and edit video, write clearly and concisely, produce content for broadcast and online and enhance your personal brand through social media.

Working on camera requires you to climb the “market ladder” – no one starts out in Chicago at market #3, they start in Utica (#172), then move up to Savannah (#92) then Memphis (#49) and so on and so on. This opportunity we are featuring is a great starting point for someone just breaking in, or a step up for someone currently in Market 175 or higher.

When you are selecting a market you want to find a place that fits your skills and gives you a chance to cover high profile events, that way you can develop an impressive demo reel. This opening is in the heart of SEC country and near enough to a major city that there will be opportunities to cover professional sports.

Resources to help you land this, or other on-camera jobs, in sports:

Video: Finding the Right on Camera Job – In this short video we present strategies to find the right job that can help point your career in the right direction.

Video: A Counter-Intuitive Approach to Finding a Job on Camera – Getting hired on camera isn’t easy, this approach may seem unusual but it has worked for many successful sports anchors and reporters.

How to Make an On-Camera Demo Reel – tips and tricks from the pros that will give you a leg up on the competition

I’ve Made my Demo Reel, Now What? – Congratulations, you now have a DVD of you looking your best…what should you do with it?

If You Don’t Know How to do This, You Won’t Work On Camera – today’s media world requires more skills than ever before, if you plan on working on camera you better enhance this skill

Think Working On Camera is Easy? Think Again – a typical rundown of a day in the life of a sports reporter

For more job opportunities click the link below, and if you have questions post them in the comments section I will always do my best to help.

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