How to Fix the NFL in Five Steps

If the NFL doesn't shape up soon Sundays in the Fall will mean more yard work and deep conversations with spouses

I had a preview to what my life would be like without the NFL this year and it was not pretty. It was all because of the weather. The power was out in my house for six hours and I had to spend the time actually talking to my wife, who by the way does not follow sports at all. For example, she went to bed in the last two minutes of the Steelers-Cardinals Super Bowl saying she had seen all the commercials and she was done for the night. It could be a long fall/winter.

As a subscriber to the NFL Football package and player in a ton of fantasy leagues my fall season of joy is in sincere jeopardy and I feel the NFL should have to listen to my five ideas for inclusion the next NFL collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Pretty sure none of these are on the negotiating table.

New NFL CBA Proposal #1: Beer + Sports = WINNING

Have an official bar of every team in their city. I am sure the NFL can create an app for this. The twist is to add a camera looking back at the patrons as the games are going on and broadcast them NFL-package style to each subscriber.  Forget the “Red Zone” this would be huge! What table of Giants fans would not enjoy seeing the Jets players losing on the field to the Bills and watching the Jets fans freaking out in the bar. Bartender another round of drinks!  A few rules have to be followed at each bar. The fan has to wear the team apparel and the bar has to allow for pregame tailgating in the parking lot.

New NFL CBA Proposal #2: Cable Disputes Are Settled By Raiders Fans, Not Men in Suits

If the NFL can't get themselves in line we're sending in this Raider Fan (Photo Courtesy: Associated Press)

Eliminate any last second NFL Network-Cable Company issues that always seem to arise. This problem can be solved very easily. Just let the cable company suits know that if there is any hint of a blackout of the NFL Network we will send the bar fans to their offices. East of the Mississippi River we will send the Eagle fans and west of the Mississippi expect a visit from a very angry Raider fan (don’t look him in the eyes, you’ll turn to stone).

New NFL CBA Proposal #3: Promise Joe Thiesmann Won’t Be Back…Ever

Pertaining to the NFL Network here is hoping the new Thursday night game crew is entertaining. The bar is not set that high but I feel pretty sure that Brad Nessler and Mike Mayock will make this happen. The NFL Network are excellent in all other areas outside of the game but it seemed like just turning the sound down was the best option in the past.

New NFL CBA Proposal #4: NFL Players Are Not Role Models

Eliminate the “Eyewash” that the players have to do during the regular season. “Eyewash” was a phrase I heard a secret service guy give to any event a politician went to where he/she was there just to be seen. The NFL players normally do these events on Tuesdays(visting schools for example) but I am sorry these guys are in a high-pressurized setting six days a week and need a break . This rule is only for the regular season. Great preseason traditions like the Green Bay Packers Bike Brigade should always be preserved.

New NFL CBA Proposal #5: PR People Need to Know Their Role

This is a minor one but talk radio/tv/internet people should call out any NFL team public relations person who tries to take on the demeanor of the team. Granted the job they have is a difficult one but this person needs to remember he/she does not own the team, did not make a pass, tackle, interception or touchdown. Perhaps this person would need a refresher course on public relations by spending a week with University of Georgia’s Senior Associate Athletic Director Claude Felton. He is in the Hall of Fame (you can look it up).

Again I hope they settle the lockout soon because if there is no season I will not have any excuse as to why I cannot go out for a run with my wife. Maybe I could spend all the unused NFL money on a portable generator. At least I still would have a shot at not having to talk to my wife for six straight hours.

David Stern if you are listening, feel free to wash, rinse, repeat for the NBA who knows these proposals could improve two professional sports leagues this year.


About the Author, Kevin Gerke: I have over 20 years of local television sports producing experience working for a top ten station. I also did a few years as the News Operations Manager. I now have my own production company and have recently covered the Winter and Paralympic Games in Vancouver and the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. I am already committed to producing coverage of the Pam Am Games in Guadalajara and the Summer Olympic Games in London. Random fact from my college years at the University of Georgia was that I won the school’s radio Jeopardy sports championship. I am a proud UGA graduate from the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

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