Infographic: Live Sports Camera Positions and Responsibilities

Click to enlarge the Infographic and learn the standard camera positions for Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Horse Racing and Soccer, all of the major live sports productions!

I first started working in sports as a Video Editor at CNN/Sports Illustrated and it instantly changed my view of the television world forever.

Whether it was an episode of Seinfeld or Lions hunting Wilda beasts on the National Geographic channel, all I would notice when I watched TV was the video editing. The rhythm and choreography of selecting tight shots, wide angles, reaction shots, establishing shots. Normal everyday viewing became a lesson plan for creating seamless conversations or increasing the action of an event through video editing trickery. I was consumed.

As I advanced in my career and began gaining more exposure to live sports events this affliction only got worse.

Watching a live sports event with me would entail counting the number of cameras being used and pointing out things like: “see that under the hoop camera has to stay wide enough to get the 24 second clock on the other side, that’s how they see the clock on buzzer beaters.”

I thought I was kind of annoying, but what I found out over time was that people who don’t work in the sports broadcasting industry actually find this stuff fascinating. My friends would text me during a live sports event and ask “How did they know to have a camera in that spot for that replay?” and “What do you think of using SkyCam during a college basketball game?”

That was the launching point for this Infographic, to share the standard camera set-ups and responsibilities for live sports events. Every director is different, and events vary depending on the scope and budget, but these diagrams will give you a lot of insight into how live sports go from stadium event to your living room.

If you or someone you know have a curiosity for television production, especially as it relates to live sports broadcasting, take a look at what we have done here and feel free to ask questions. If you’re anything like me, you’ll never watch sports the same way again!

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