Michelle Beadle to Cohost “The Crossover’ on NBC Sports Network

Michelle Beadle debuts a new show on NBC Sports Network delving into the intersection of sports and pop culture called “The Crossover”

When Michelle Beadle left ESPN for NBC Universal last year, part of the draw was that she’d play a utility role; corresponding for Access Hollywood, studio hosting for NBC’s Olympic coverage and eventually developing a show for NBC Sports Network. That time is now.

Beadle’s new vehicle is alongside former Fox News host Dave Briggs on “The Crossover: Beadle and Briggs” debuting Jan 28th at 6 est on NBC Sports Network.

The Crossover will combine Beadle’s passions and skills well, dealing with the intersection of sports and pop culture with an impromptu, unscripted style reminiscent of her time on ESPN’s SportsNation with Colin Cowherd.

Loosely scripted programming, with room to ad lib and work “in the moment”, fits well with Beadle’s persona: aka an approachable lady you’d want have a beer and shoot the you know what with.

“We’re merely a show just looking to change the entire landscape of sports television in America,” said Beadle. “Also, someone finally needs to address this Tim Tebow guy.”

Sarcasm aside, executive decision makers at NBC must feel a little snake bit with their debut just missing out on two of the biggest stories of the year in Lance Armstrong’s doping admission and Manti T’eo’s internet “girlfriend”.

But just you wait, I’m sure Colin Kaepernick will start dating the 2013 version of Tara Reid and Mighty Ducks 15 will have a red carpet to cover.

“The last 2-3 weeks have been extremely painful,” Beadle said during a recent conference call interview. “They have been gifts from the sports gods. (Everybody’s) been having a field day because it manifests itself in great headlines and tweets and stuff. Every day is one more thing we can talk about that’s fun. I’m just hoping they have some more stories left in them come Monday. If I can get another dead fake girlfriend who died of cancer out this world, I think that we’re all winning.”

ESPN already tried conquering the convergence of sports and pop culture with ESPN Hollywood back in 2005, but after less than a year of dismal ratings, ESPN cancelled the pop culture experiment.

The two shows will provide an interesting insight into the importance of hosts.

I swore I’d never include a picture of Mario Lopez flexing on this site…damn you AC Slater!

Beadle is showered with love across the sports media world and the audience gobbles her up like the hot gal in college who laughs at your jokes and you actually think you have a chance with. ESPN Hollywood was hosted by Mario Lopez, best known for flexing for the camera every chance he got, which made most people think “what a putz”.

Two very different philosophies; ESPN most likely saw Hollywood drawing a female audience that would enjoy Lopez, while NBC sees the versatile Beadle as approachable to women while still carrying enough sports credentials for us neanderthal fellas.

If The Crossover is successful, and after watching their their promo featuring Lorenzo Lamas, Carrot Top, Jose Canseco, Gary Busey and Dennis Rodman I have my doubts, it would be my guess that the difference in hosts may be the key.

The show will start it’s run from a special set built for Super Bowl week in New Orleans and then return to it’s permanent local in New York City February 4th.


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