Hosts of “The Lights” Won’t Have to Wear Pants

Hosts of the new NBC Sports Network morning highlight show 'The Lights" won't have to wear pants

I’ll let you in on a little TV secret…many male anchors don’t wear pants.

Alright, they wear pants, but they usually aren’t fancy suit pants to match their fancy suit jackets and ties, because you rarely if ever see their legs behind the anchor desk.

Good news for hosts of the new NBC Sports Network highlight show ‘The Lights”, debuting from 7-9am EST after the conclusion of the Olympics on August 13th, they’ll be able to show up to work in T-shirts and flip flops because they’ll never be shown on camera.

I understand the desire to be different and try new things, but having a 2-hour highlight show without even a sneak peak of an on-camera host is a little awkward if you ask me.

Jon Miller, NBC Sports president of programming, says the format will consist of 20 minute time blocks akin to old radio formulas along the lines of “give us 20 minutes and we’ll give you the world.”

According to USA Today another twist is in store:

Split-screen coverage will include highlights on one side while the screen’s other side shows comments, like interviews or post-game press conferences, pertaining to the highlights.

Don’t get me wrong, I am cheering for NBC Sports to challenge the lone sports voice that is ESPN, their success will benefit audiences and job seekers alike…but this seems like a strange twist in their narrative.

What do you think…creepy or inventive? Let us know in the comments

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