Why the Future is Bright for Careers in Sports Broadcasting

When was the last time you sat through a commercial? I can tell you exactly when it was for me: Thanksgiving night while watching the Patriots vs. Jets game. I grew up in Boston, the Patriots are my team, I watch them play live despite the commercials. It’s that simple. Everything else I watch comes […]

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Can Sports Broadcasting and Journalism Co-exist?

There is a rhythm and feel to the sports calendar. As the days start getting longer and warmer, pitchers and catchers reporting for duty just feels right. Humidity and sun burns, break out the pigskin. Dark and cold, time to lace up the skates and high-tops. This year, as the days get shorter and there is […]


The Kings of Los Angeles

Okay, raise your hand if – in April – you thought the Staples Center inhabitant with the best chance to win a title this spring would be the one playing on ice. I thought so. The chances of the Lakers and Clippers watching their ice skating housemates play for a championship increased significantly Saturday as […]


A Chip Off The Sports Neuroses Block

Saturday night I realized I’m a good parent. I knew it before: my twin 15-year-old boys are good citizens and students and they let me talk to them when their friends are around. It was confirmed, however, when my hockey-playing son prepared to watch Game Seven of the NHL’s Eastern Semifinal between the Rangers and […]


Stanley Cup Playoffs: Too Much of a Mediocre Thing?

As I waited for game seven of the NHL’s Eastern Conference Semifinal between Washington and my New York Rangers I found myself looking over the carnage that has been this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Blueshirts hung on by a thread as the only top-four seed in the East to survive the first round, let […]

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The Secret of Interviewing Sports Figures

Later this week we will be releasing an article titled “Things You Never Knew about the Athletes you Love”. senior writer Pam Modarelli-Hegner has been crafting this gem with two primary purposes, A: to break down the five personality types you encounter working in sports and B: provide tips and advice on how to […]

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Infographic: Live Sports Camera Positions and Responsibilities

Click to enlarge the Infographic and learn the standard camera positions for Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Horse Racing and Soccer, all of the major live sports productions! I first started working in sports as a Video Editor at CNN/Sports Illustrated and it instantly changed my view of the television world forever. Whether it was an […]


Do Any NHL Players Have All of Their Teeth?

One of the greatest parts of working in a sports newsroom, surrounded by other passionate sports fans, insiders and analysts, are the debates and discussions that rage on daily. Newsroom debates can be like living a National Geographic video where Lions fight for supremacy on the Savannah, you can’t show weakness in these debates or […]


NBA Lockout Equals NHL Opportunity

If NBA super agent David Falk is to be believed, the NBA is in serious danger of losing the entire 2011-12 season in order to radically change the way they do business. While sports fans will be the biggest loser, the NHL is first in line to be the biggest winner. The NHL considers themselves […]


Can the NHL Survive Without Violence?

‘I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out!’ That is the old joke in regards to the frequent fighting that used to define the NHL. Years have gone by and the fighting remains, albeit with fewer bench clearing, epic beat downs the sport witnessed in the early years through the 1980s. After […]

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