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Outtakes: The Tom Glavine Hangups

In this edition of Outtakes, Sports Producer Pam Modarelli-Hegner tells us a gut wrenching story about her internship at a local TV Station in Atlanta her senior year of college.

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SportsTVJobs.com: So you’re on an internship at a major market TV station in Atlanta,  you’re super excited to be involved with covering your favorite baseball team the Atlanta Braves…and then the phone rings…

Pam: I was interning at a local station in Atlanta and I knew we were expecting a call from Tom Glavine because he was coming in to studio for our Sunday night show. This was before the days of caller ID. So the phone rings, I pick it up and he asked for our producer.  I got a little nervous because I knew it was Tom Glavine so I said ‘ok hold on please’. I turned to the producer and said ‘Tom Glavine on line 1′, and then I realized I had hung up on him.

The producer was like ‘what happened?’ and I admitted I hung up on him. I felt pretty sure he’d call back. Well the phone rang, again I was really nervous and there he was it was Tom Glavine again. I was totally shaking and said ’hold on’ and I hung up on him…again.

I thought my producer was going to kill me, I really thought it was the end of my TV career. Luckily Tom Glavine is a great guy and he called back a third time, my producer came over and wouldn’t let me touch the phone. We got him on the show and everything was fine.