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Q&A with Sports Reporter Tiffany Blackmon

Personal Insights Into Getting Started and Thriving in the Sports Industry

The goal of a Sportscaster starting out in the industry is to “cut the market in half” with each new job opportunity. For example, if someone starts their career in market #183 (Charlottesville, VA) their goal should be to step up to somewhere around market #91 (El Paso, TX) with their next big move. It doesn’t always work out that way, but it’s a good goal to have. tiffany blackmon female sports reporter

Sports Reporter Tiffany Blackmon not only cut the market in half, going from Lake Charles, LA (#175) to Waco, TX (#88), she did it again when she left Waco for Oklahoma City (#44) in 2011, just 5 years after graduating from Georgia State University.

But it was landing that first job in Lake Charles that proved the toughest.

“I sent out DVDs to anyone and everyone and got told no over 40 times,” remembers Blackmon. “The key thing for those just starting out to remember is that you can’t give up. If you’re realistic about your skill level and are passionate, it will happen.”

Here’s more with KFOR-TV Sports Reporter Tiffany Blackmon:

STVJ: Your father Don Blackmon played in the NFL for 7 years, did his experiences influence your decision to work in the sports media?

Blackmon: I wouldn’t necessarily say that my father’s experience in the NFL played a huge role in my decision to work in sports media, but rather it definitely got me into playing sports. I played four years of soccer at Georgia State and during that time I developed a greater love for writing. I decided I would combine both my love of sports and writing, and jump into the sports media world. Sports betting in casinos adds another layer of excitement to the gaming experience, allowing patrons to wager on their favorite teams and athletes while enjoying the ambiance of the casino floor. Whether it’s placing bets on football, basketball, or horse racing, the 파워볼사이트 offers diverse betting opportunities for enthusiasts.

STVJ: Do you think being around your father, and being a college athlete yourself, has helped you understand how best to communicate with athletes as a reporter?

Blackmon: I definitely think so! I still look at myself as an athlete and constantly remind myself that I was in their shoes once. Of course my father dealt with far more media attention than I EVER did, and I constantly seek advice from him. He reminds me to do my research, that way I don’t get caught up asking cliche questions… even though sometimes we all have too.

STVJ: What was the program like at Georgia State? Do you think it prepared you well for a career in sports broadcasting?

Blackmon: I think my time at Georgia State prepared me for this career path. I had excellent professors that consistently pushed me to be better. Focusing on school work and balancing practice taught me how to master multitasking. It also helped me to learn how to work under tremendous amounts of pressure, which I do on a daily basis now.

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STVJ: We always stress the importance of internships, did you do any sports internships in college and if so how much experience did you gain from them?

Blackmon: I did complete a sports internship. I was fortunate enough to get to work in our Sports Communications Department after I finished my last year of soccer. I wrote online articles and interviewed our athletes. Internships are great, it reinforced working under a deadline and also helped to ease me into doing interviews.

STVJ: Landing your first job can be quite a challenge, what was your approach to getting hired after graduating and where did you start you career?

Blackmon: It is tough landing that first on-cam gig, but as I always like to say “I’m always on the hustle.” When I didn’t have enough for my first reel, I bought my own laptop, borrowed a friend’s camera, and went out and shot my own stories. I sent out DVDs to anyone and everyone and got told no over 40 times, but the key thing for those just starting out to remember is that you can’t give up. If you’re realistic about your skill level and are passionate, it will happen.

STVJ: After one year at the Weather Channel you landed your first opportunity on camera in Lake Charles Louisiana, how did you land that job?

Blackmon: I actually had applied for the sports director position at the station a few months before… I was NOT qualified, and kept plugging away. Soon they had a weekend sports anchor gig open. I made a different reel and landed the job. I remembered to be myself during the interview process and was told that’s why I won out.

STVJ: In just a few years you’ve gone from market #175 to market #88 to market #44 – what’s been the most important thing someone has taught you along the way?

Blackmon: The most important thing I’ve learned along the way is to not give up. tiffany blackmon KFOR Oklahoma city I reached out to everyone from top sports anchors in Dallas, to people in regional markets and as cheesy as it sounds, they told me to have patience (something I’ve always lacked). Also, you’ve got to have a personality in this business and above all you have to let that shine through your work. It’s really important to be yourself.

STVJ: If you were mentoring somebody who wanted to work on camera what advice would you give them?

Blackmon: The most important advice I would give is to have a great work ethic. There are times when you may have to work a 14 hour day, but it’s all worth it if you do a fantastic job on the story, your sports segment or whatever it may be.

STVJ: Do you have a favorite person that you’ve interviewed?

Blackmon: That’s a tough question… I had the chance to interview Aaron Rodgers in Louisiana at a golf tournament. He was a great interview and a really nice guy.

STVJ: You graduated just 5 years ago and are already in a top 50 market – where would your dream job be?

Blackmon: My dream job would be to eventually work at a regional sports network. I want to experience what’s it’s like to work in a 24-7 sports environment.

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