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Featured Sports Journalism Articles

floyd mayweather interview by bryan salmondThe Secret Of Interviewing Sports Figures

Some athletes will treat you the same whether they win in straight sets or lose a five-set heartbreaker, but as journalists we can’t count on that. So let’s look at some constructive ways to deal with the myriad of sports personalities…

The Future of Sports on Local TV

The local TV sports landscape is threatened. As some markets make the ill-advised choice to drop sports from their newscasts we prescribe a different approach one that will shift the way sports is covered locally.

5 Signs the Media is Setting you up to FAIL

Every athlete is responsible for their own actions, but the sports media can play a role in the process, pushing interesting storylines often over the whole truth. Never fear, there are five warning signs all athletes can look out for…

Unwritten Rules of Sports Journalism

Covering sports for a living can be hard because you will undoubtedly really like or really hate the teams and the athletes you cover. It is just human nature. Some athletes will blow you off and others will be more than accommodating even in the face of a crushing defeat…

women in sports journalism suzy kolberWomen in Sports Journalism

The Chicago Cubs have just suffered a devastating loss in the heat of a playoff run, and you are about to enter the locker room to get post-game comments. You look around and realize on this day, you are the only female reporter heading in to the clubhouse.

Turned Inside Out

A first hand account of how the ESPN Monday Night Football production crew adjusted to the Metrodome roof collapse. A SportsTVJobs.com exclusive look into how the ESPN production team weathered the storm

college football play by play A Day In The Life of an Associate Director

Whether you’re assisting in the production of a college football game or figure skating at the Olympics, lots of work goes into each live event production in the days, weeks and even months before the viewer at home sees a thing…

aaron rodgers super bowl celebration Some Questions are Hard to Ask

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has just won the Super Bowl, his smile bends from ear-to-ear, his voice trembes with an over-enthused staccato. As Rodgers runs through the gauntlet of post-game interviews we know ‘the question’ is coming…

Additional Sports Journalism Features

Sports TV Resources

the ultimate 2013 sports calendar2013 Ultimate Sports Calendar

There never seems to be one spot to find all of the important dates on the sports calendar, which to be honest has always annoyed me. Call me lazy, but I don’t like to search multiple places for the answers I need and that is why we put together this all inclusive calender. Check it out, if we missed anything let us now in the comments and we’ll add it!

nfl logoNFL Sports Media Worth Following on Twitter

Good news, we’re going to make your NFL obsession even more compulsive! During the 2011 NFL season I started building weekly Twitter lists of sports media members from the city my team was going to play against. It was awesome. Not quite Redzone Channel awesome, but pretty darn useful. Now we’re sharing our Twitter lists of the local sports media for every NFL team.

Infographic: Live Sports Camera Positions

Click to enlarge the Infographic and learn the standard camera positions for Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Horse Racing and Soccer, all of the major live sports productions! Every director is different, and events vary depending on the scope and budget, but these diagrams will give you a lot of insight into how live sports go from stadium event to your living room…

david beckham soccer analystHow To Make an On Camera Demo Reel

Not every kid who does play-by-play in the stands of their local high school ends up in the announcers booth with David Beckham. To get your big break at a TV station you will need a really good Demo Reel…

sportscaster demo reelI’ve Made My Demo Reel, Now What?

When I was first named News Director I was always on the lookout for new talent. I’d get about 7-10 Demo Reels per week and would spend an hour every Wednesday morning watching them, here’s what I was looking for…

ames brown jackie gordon bachelor padFive Ways the Bachelor Pad Can Help Any Job Search

I am a sports broadcaster and I am addicted to The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and now, The Bachelor Pad. I have produced sports shows with NFL MVP Shaun Alexander and I have bumped into Jason Mesnick at Costco. Don’t ask me which encounter got me more excited. There are many lessons to be learned from this show… 

Additional Sports TV Resources

  • Top 30 Cities for Sports TV Jobs: Your comprehensive list of Local TV Stations, Regional and National Sports Networks and Professional Sports Teams by city and ranked by opportunity
  • Local TV Market Size: All 210 Designated Market Areas (DMA) listed from largest (New York, NY) to smallest (Glendive, Montana)
  • Top Sports Blogs: Keep up with the latest news and insight from Sports industry experts

The Sports Internship Series

Guest Contributors

Submit an article for the SportsTVJobs.com guest writer program

A Day in the Booth as a NASCAR Announcer

Anyone involved in motor sports will tell you it is more than a hobby, it is a lifestyle. That has held true for me since the first time I climbed in a car at age nine. When NASCAR came to Indianapolis this summer, my persistence, dedication, and hard work helped my dreams come closer to reality. This is the day my career really started… 

delta state university coby richHow New Media is Changing Sports Journalism

Using new media and multimedia on college athletic websites is a very new and fresh market. As a matter of fact, universities are now hiring people who are well versed in multimedia specifically to change the face of their athletic programs. New media in collegiate athletics is becoming almost a necessity in today’s digital world and smart universities are capitalizing on this trend. 

haley lesavoy loreen arbus award winnerThe Secret Power of Networking

As a student working in the television industry many of my peers complain that it’s not what you know, but whom you know.  While this is often times the case, what many students fail to realize is that with networking, they too can make connections with people that can mentor and help them on the road to success.

evan schwartzWhen the Game Ends the Real Work Begins

You can smell a hockey locker room before you even open the door. It begins as the players rush off the ice and into the bowels of the stadium, hooting and hollering after a hard-fought victory.  Then it starts to creep underneath the crack of the locker room door, wafting through the group of thirty or more journalists, cameramen and on-air talent who have assembled outside.

nfl films intern kara burnhamGet on the Field as an NFL Films Intern

It was the first Thanksgiving dinner that was not spent with my family. Instead, I was packed into a small room with 30 co-workers eating Thanksgiving buffet style. The wind was whipping, there was a mix of rain and snow falling and I couldn’t have been happier. I was on the field as an intern for NFL Films. 

josh blessing ball state sports linkBall State Sports Link Immersive Learning

Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana differentiates itself from most colleges and universities through its immersive learning programs where students get out of the classroom and into real-life workplace scenarios. Prospective students interested in sports production & broadcasting careers need to look no further than the Sports Link program at BSU…

Additional Guest Contributions

The Lighter Side of Sports

Who are the Toughest Pro Athletes?

As a parent I pray for my kids to play baseball, a sport where if you get injured pulling on your cowboy boots, you can still make the Hall of Fame (Wade Boggs). No concussions, just a cabana in Cabo and lots of umbrella drinks. But as a fan, I admire toughness… 

joe namath trying to kiss suzy kolber Ten Worst Moments in Sports Television

In sports broadcasting most decisions are made on the fly, and even concepts that have had months of planning often end up being brutal once executed. Today we celebrate the ten worst moments in the history of sports television, because it’s the mistakes that help make sports on TV the unpredictable adventure we all glue ourselves to… 

keanu reeves terrible sports actor The Ten Worst Actors in Sports Movies

Outside of live sports and shows about sports, I don’t actually like that much on TV. Generally I gravitate towards TV shows based on sportslike Friday Night Lights. But there is nothing worse than your favorite show getting ruined by some actor’s athletic suckiness… 

steelers james harrison mens journal two guns Dumbest Sports Quotes

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison has long been a dumb sports quote All-Star. Now, after calling out teammates Ben Roethlisberger, Rashard Mendenhall and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Harrison is going straight to the dumb sports quotes Hall of Fame… 

wally szczerbiak random dude Top Ten Sports TV Typos

TV typos start out innocently, a fullscreen graphic meant to celebrate "Andre Ethier’s Hit Streak" gets cursed by one stray keyboard stroke and next thing you know, “Andre Ethier’ Sh*t Streak” flashes across the TV screen. True story… 

Confessions of a Sports TV Wife

I’ve been with a Sports TV guy since the late 90s. When he first started working in Sports TV, he was a bright-eyed 21-year-old ready to take on the world. He had aspirations of meeting Joe Montana and to be on the field when the Red Sox won the World Series. Instead, he met Don “The Magik Man” Majikowski and was invited to a kegger at Trev Alberts’ house… 

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