Atlanta Goes 0 for 2 with the NHL

Well it’s finally official, the Atlanta Thrashers are moving to Winnipeg. Atlanta becomes the first city to go “0 for 2” for NHL franchises. Previously, the Flames left Atlanta back in 1980 for greener (or multi-colored, like Canadian money) pastures and Nelson Skalbania’s check book in Calgary. The failure of hockey in Atlanta will ultimately […]


The NFL Owners Take Their Ball and Go Home

The Green Bay Packers won the first ever Super Bowl. They may have also won the last ever Super Bowl if yesterday’s meeting between the NFL owners’ and the NFLPA was any indication. Good bye, NFL… It was fun while it lasted. The NFL owners walked out of a negotiating session with the NFLPA yesterday […]


Are Super Bowl Ads Still Worth It?

This Sunday is “Super Bowl Sunday” and that term is not just referring to the championship game of the National Football League. Super Bowl Sunday is also a critical day for advertising creative directors as their top commercials are on display for the largest TV audience of the year. The Super Bowl is a unique […]


BCS Tickets Spell BS for True Fans

We are getting close to bowl season, and I can’t wait to talk about the 34 meaningless games to be played from Shreveport to San Diego. Good seats still available. Now if you are hoping to attend the one game that means something, good luck. Glendale, Arizona is the site of the BCS Championship game […]


Butler University’s Cinderella Story in Hardcover

Butler University’s unlikely charge through the NCAA Tournament last year was a story usually told in a fantasy world created by Disney, not in reality. But this underdog story was real, and it played out on the court as little Butler took on the juggernaut Duke Blue Devils for the National Championship. Butler did not win the game, just […]


Steinbrenner Most Effective MLB Owner

Hal Steinbrenner is only part-owner of the Yankees and has only been at the helm since November 2008, but he is already regarded by Readers of Sports Business Daily as the most effective MLB owner. Steinbrenner received 32% of the votes of the 6th Annual Readers Survey, defeating Red Sox owners John Henry and Tom Werner […]


Can Tiger Woods Regain Worldwide Market Appeal?

65% of responders to the 6th annual Sports Business Daily Reader Survey say if they were a brand they would not sign Tiger Woods as an endorser. Prior to last year’s revelations about issues in Woods’s private life, it would have been ridiculous to even ask this question. Woods dramatic fall from grace has been well-documented, only […]

Sports Marketing

What is the Biggest Threat to Sports?

According to the 6th annual Sports Business Daily Reader Survey 29% of their almost 2,000 responders believe raising ticket prices are the biggest threat to Sports. In the NFL alone ticket prices have gone up 37% over the last 6 years. The NBA, MLB and NHL have also raised prices, albeit at a slower rate, despite average game attendance falling. […]


Marisa Miller New NFL Spokesperson

There are many things the NFL gets criticized for – naming former Victoria Secret model Marisa Miller a spokesperson will not be one of them. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the Sports Illustrated cover model will appear in both print and commercial ads for the league. Her first official duty will surround the October […]


NBA Adding to it’s Hispanic Marketing Push

The NBA has been behind the other major sports leagues when it comes to marketing to Hispanic Americans, but their late push is gaining steam. Year 2 of the éne-bé-a Hispanic marketing campaign will feature the Atlanta Hawks Al Horford and former player Felipe Lopez, both of the Dominican Republic, as spokespersons. The campaign is multi-faceted, […]


NHL using Superheroes to Attract Younger Fans

In an attempt to revitalize their younger fan base, the NHL has turned to comic book legend Stan Lee. Lee, the creator of Iron Man, The Hulk, Spiderman and countless other Superheroes will launch the ‘Guardian Project’ to create 30 new characters, one to represent each team. Ever since the 2004-05 NHL season was lost […]

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