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A career in sports broadcasting isn’t easy, but knowing your work will be seen by millions of viewers is incredibly rewarding. And what other job requires that you watch sports while you work?

There are three main career paths in the sports television world: On Camera, Content Production, and Technical Production. All three can take place in a studio or at remote sites covering live events. Most people gravitate towards either remote or studio production, but many change from one to the other at some point of their career.

For the most up-to-date sports broadcasting job openings make sure to check out our job board.

Sports TV Jobs by Job Title

On-Air Careers

If you are a Journalist at heart, love to compose and tell great stories and don’t mind wearing a little make-up, an On-Air Career could be for you.

Television Production Careers

If you like non-stop action, and prefer to take charge and build everything behind-the-scenes, a Television Production job could be for you.

Technical Production Careers

If you have an interest in controlling the visual and audio output of a Sportscast, and want to be at mission control, then a career in Technical Production could be your match.

Sports TV Jobs by Personality Type

If you are creative and like to express yourself visually or through music:

If you are into gadgets and the latest technology:

If you have little experience and are eager to get your foot in the door:

If you are decisive and like to take charge:

If you thrive in chaos and bored if you’re not multi-tasking:

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