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Sports TV Jobs Guest Writer Program

Thank you so much for your interest in the SportsTVJobs.com Guest Writer Program. We are always on the lookout for unique content from various perspectives. Whether you are a sports media veteran who wants to share what you have learned, or a college student who had a fascinating sports internship experience – we want to hear from you.

This is a great opportunity to build your brand, develop your network and put your work on display for potential employers to see. If you are a veteran of the sports media world, isn’t it empowering to share what you have learned and assist the next generation of sports journalists?

“Thank you for the publicity on SportsTVJobs.com! After you published our video interview, I got a few emails from prospective employers!” – Ash McDaniel, George Washington University

Article Topics for Consideration:

  • What it’s really like to work in TV – Working Full-time Freelance, Working for a Professional Team, Stories from the Newsroom, A Day in the life of a (insert Sports TV Job), Blooper stories
  • How you got started in the business – Getting your foot in the door, What your first week on the job was like, Any doubts you had early on.
  • Internship experiences: A day in the life of your internship, The interview process for a sports internship, What skills you learned on your internship
  • Preparing for jobs in Television– How to make a demo reel that gets noticed, How to write a great resume, How to get an internship and what to do while you are there
  • Changing trends in Journalism – How Twitter and social media has affected journalism, How journalism schools are changing with the times, how mobile technology continues to change newsgathering
  • Issues pertaining to Technology in Television – 3D, internet video, mobile apps, control room equipment, cameras etc.
  • Sports Media Job Trends – Where are the best opportunities? What type of shows are getting audiences, Broadcasters that stand out, Current news about TV stations or networks
  • Journalism/TV Production Education – review of Collegiate programs, Technology in the classroom, Why someone chose the program they are in
  • Interviews with experts in the Sports Media industry – Educators, Athletes, On camera talent, Technical workers, Producers
  • Broadcast Training – Developing interview skills, media relations, tips and techniques

Guest Writer Program Requirements:

  • A thorough understanding of Journalism and/or Broadcasting (technical or editorial)
  • General knowledge of sports and an idea of how to give your story a sports point-of-view

What to do next:

  • Pitch your idea to co-founder Brian Clapp. If the article idea deviates from the above topics, please explain why you think it is a match for SportsTVJobs.com
  • After reading your pitch, Brian will schedule a time to talk with you directly via phone.
  • After approval, we will agree on a word limit and deadline. SportsTVJobs.com will be in charge of all final edits and can refuse to publish at their discretion.
  • We ask for a short bio, headshot (not required) and any links that you want to promote with your article (your twitter handle, your Facebook page, your personal blog, etc)
  • We ask for online exclusivity, you can promote the article as much as you’d like. We will promote it like crazy. But if you give the same article to anyone else and they publish it online, it loses all value for us and we’ll remove it from SportsTVJobs.com.

At this point, we cannot compensate you financially for any articles. You are welcome to use your Guest Writing submission as part of your professional portfolio.

Example of Guest Writer Submissions: