Top Sports Internships For Spring/Summer 2013

The key to launching a career in sports television? Internships, Internships, Internships.

One of your few chances to get hands-on experience that will prepare you for the broadcast world is through internships, and it’ll beef up your resume to include much more than “Skills:  Catfishing & Freestyle Rap”.

Internships are the most vital part of your education, so you need to take them seriously. Personally, I messed this up. I did a terrible job finding internships in line with my career goals and even when I did select a good one I was timid and didn’t take advantage of the opportunities in front of me.

Why are sports internships so important? As the US economy continues to struggle two things happen that directly impact you:

  1. Competition for jobs is fierce
  2. Networks seek out interns to do much more than just watch and observe.

Lets break this down a little further.

Ball State university Senior Josh Blessing conducting an interview at the 2012 London Olympics

I spoke with Josh Blessing a senior at Ball State University last week who has one of the most impressive resumes I’ve seen for someone about to enter the workplace. Josh covered the Olympics last summer producing 12 features and was responsible for conducting 100 + interviews, shooting, editing and attending the Team USA Media Summit in Dallas. But that’s not all,  he has served as a Social Media Producer for NCAA March Madness Live through Turner Sports, interned at a two different local stations and co-hosted a sports show airing on WIPB-TV, Comcast Indiana and Fox College Sports.

Aggressive, determined people like Josh are your competition for jobs. To compete you need experiences like Josh has, and the best way to get that you guessed it – through internships. Don’t get intimidated, get focused on your goals.

Internships have changed dramatically too, which gets us to point #2 above. As the economy struggles networks realize they can get real productivity out of free labor (that’s you). It’s much more than “hey kid, stand over there and watch, and whatever you do don’t touch anything”.

It sounds like they are using you…but in truth you are using each other. You will be asked to shoot video, edit, go out in the field with anchors and producers, cover live events and blog. They get free labor, you get a sparkling resume and a network of people who can be your advocates for future employment.  Everyone wins.

So lets get to it, here are some of the best internships we have found for Spring/Summer 2013:

Production Intern – Regional Sports Network : Interns at this network will watch and log pro and high school games from around the region. They’ll edit highlights, packages, and various stories for broadcast and help create content for both studio shows and live game productions. Interns will also be exposed to teleprompter, newsroom software, camera operations and more. Experience with non-linear editing software such as Final Cut Pro is a plus (Proving yet again, knowing how to edit is an essential skill for TV work). Oh and this position is PAID.

Production Intern – Regional Sports Network : see above, this opportunity is at the same network, different region.

Video Production Intern for a Professional Team: Acquire real experience shooting and editing feature stories while working under the guidance of experienced video professionals. Candidates must have some comfort shooting and editing with professional equipment and a working knowledge of Final Cut Pro is essential (Proving yet again, knowing how to edit is an essential skill for TV work am I making my point yet?).

Broadcasting Internship : Want to pursue a play by play career? In this internship you will be the primary play by play voice of a minor league baseball team. Most successful play by play voices start in the minor leagues and work their way up…this is your chance to gain experience and start building your professional reel.  Oh and as if that wasn’t enough…housing is provided.

Video Production Intern for Professional Team: If I was back in college this would be the one for me. Interns will be responsible for shooting, editing and helping create content for game day video board, on-air broadcasts and digital avenue. Talk about experience, now you’re resume has digital, broadcast and game day experience on it. Plus you will shoot and edit interviews with players and press conferences. Sign me up!

Multimedia/Broadcasting Internship: Professional team in the Midwest seeks interns to assist with game day operations as well as multimedia and broadcasting.

Web Video Internship with a Professional team: Interested in the digital/new media side of sports production? This is the opportunity for you. Assist in game day video production, editing pre and post game segments, assistant produce content for website and attend executive meetings.

Broadcast Reporter Internship : Write, report, shoot and edit all post-game reports on-field, and all weekly interview specials. Act as the on-field host for promotions and contests at every home game while learn the industry from an award-winning broadcast production veteran in a small, hands-on environment. Housing is provided.

This is a good starting point, we’ll keep updating our job board to highlight more internship opportunities.


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