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Top Ten Typos on Sports TV Graphics

Comedy gold is just one errant keystroke away

New Nike NFL Jerseys Now Available!TV Graphics operators are akin to offensive lineman in the NFL, vital to the success of any broadcast operation but rarely noticed unless they make a brutal mistake.

TV typos start out innocently, a fullscreen graphic meant to celebrate "Andre Ethier’s Hit Streak" gets cursed by one stray keyboard stroke and next thing you know, “Andre Ethier’ Sh*t Streak” flashes across the TV screen. True story.

It’s a thankless job, and rather than make excuses by blaming these errors on the torrid pace, long hours and lack of a nearby dictionary – we choose to laugh a hearty laugh at their expense.

Sports TV Graphics people, we salute you and your glorious typos. See if you can spot the mistakes below:

10: Is this how Taylor Hicks won American Idol?

typos peter rose hall of fame

Talk about bad luck, before the game Rose put 50 large on "No"

9: Communication Breakdown

typos boise state football major cummunication

One thing’s for sure, the Graphics Operator didn’t major in English

8: Curt, Jose or Ozzie?

typos curt schilling retirment or jose canseco

The party may be over for Curt Schilling, but when you’re a Canseco the party never ends

7: Grand Ole Oops

typos dexter mccluster old miss

This is almost as bad as my wife saying, "I love that rapper 50 cents"

6: Vanna, I’d like to buy an “O” please

typos boston red sex john henry owner

The Graphics Operator took one look at John Henry’s fedora and couldn’t keep their mind out of the gutter

5: More likely than the National Honor Society

typos mike vick human society

Vick volunteered alongside Alf and Chewbacca

4: I’ll Take World Geography for $200

typos thats not south africa

It took me a few years to learn the difference between a country and a continent too

3: Tiger’s First Time was Special

typos tiger woods took it in and it felt good


2: They Call Him Szczerbiak

typos wally szczerbiak random dude

Funny, that’s what the back of his jersey read too

1: Just Say No

typos mark buerhle ho hitter

I don’t think this is what Checkers had in mind when they decided to sponsor this segment

Written by: Brian Clapp Founder, SportsTVJobs.com

sports broadcasting jobs board

If you witness a Sports TV typo that makes you chuckle, send a screen shot to brian @ sportstvjobs.com and we’ll give you a shout out in our next typos piece

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Photo Courtesy: #9 AwfulAnnouncing.com, #7 DudeRanch.com , #4 11points.com