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The “One Minute Drill” is a weekly video series full of tips and tricks for getting ahead in the sports broadcasting industry. In this edition, founder Brian Clapp provides some tips on how to use a sports job board to help find your dream job in sports broadcasting.

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Tips for Using a Sports Job Board - Video Transcript:

We’re really big fans of the website – they are one of our partner sites, we promote what they do, they promote what we do… simply put, we’re friends. One of the things we have learned from this friendship is that subscribers don’t always know the most effective ways to get the most out of a job board.

Here’s a little tip for you: people tend to list out their current qualifications, insert where they want to be geographically and hit search. The database spits out a certain number of jobs that they can do and are where they want to be and then they fire out their resume to those openings. Done.

That is really not the most effective way if you think about it though because you’ve limited your search to what you currently know and to a specific area. To find jobs in this job market you have to think a little bigger than that, so here is my suggestion - sign up for a free account with and start looking at jobs all across the country that seem like opportunities that may be interesting to you. Focus on what skills those jobs are looking for and you’re going to see trends on what networks need, rather than just skills you have.

For example, you may be finishing up your college career with a lot of experience editing on Avid, but from the research you conduct you notice that most stations and networks really want Final Cut Pro experience. Now you know that, so you can sign up to take a class on Final Cut Pro and improve your skills and marketability. Or maybe you’re an audio operator and you start looking across the country at different job openings and you begin to notice that most stations are requiring experience with Pro Sounds audio software and you say to yourself “well jeez I don’t know that one, I better learn it”.

Now you know more about what stations want, and how you can learn the necessary skills to fill the needs. You are now a more marketable and versatile job candidate. Of course you want to search for job openings requiring skills you currently have, but it’ll serve you well to also research what skills sports networks are looking for, and work to fill that need.

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