Video: Top Three Sports Reporter Job Skills

The “One Minute Drill” is a weekly video series full of tips and tricks for getting ahead in the sports broadcasting industry. In this edition, founder Brian Clapp shares the three most important skills for being a successful sports reporter. This is can’t miss content for any aspiring sports reporters!

Sports Reporter Job Skills Video Transcript

Without a doubt one of the most popular jobs in sports television is being a sports reporter. But trust me it takes more than great hair and being able to read some lines on camera to be a professional sports reporter and true journalist.

Three Most Important Skills for Sports Reporters

  • You need to learn how to ask questions that coax answers out of people. A lot of times reporters will ask in a manner that lets their subject off the hook. If you ask in a manner that allows them to answer with Yes, No or I don’t know or I’m not sure, you’ve let them off the hook. A good sports reporter needs to be able to ask questions in a manner that forces an answer out of their subject giving you what you need for your story.
  • A good sports reporter has to be adaptable. Many times you’ll go into a situation knowing exactly what story you want to tell, and it evaporates before your eyes. You ask a question and don’t get a good answer; you ask another question and still don’t get the answer going in the direction you were hoping for. Then you’re scrambling. You have to be able to think on your feet and create something else, because you can’t go back to the newsroom empty handed you have to have something you can put together for the next broadcast.
  • A good sports reporter has to listen. You can’t ask a question and then start thinking about your next question. You’ll miss good follow up questions; you’ll miss a gem you weren’t expecting. You need to really pay attention to what your subject is saying in order to develop your story in the right manner.

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