Video: Video Editing is a ‘Must Have’ Skill

The “One Minute Drill” is a weekly video series full of tips and tricks for getting ahead in the sports broadcasting industry. In this edition, founder Brian Clapp explains why learning how to edit video is an essential skill for almost all sports TV careers.

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Video Editing is a ‘Must Have’ Skill Transcript:

Today we’re talking about one of the most important skills to have if you plan on working in sports television – you need to have the ability to edit your own video. You’re probably thinking to yourself right now ‘I’m going to be a reporter, I don’t need to worry about editing video someone will do that for me’ or ‘I plan on being a producer I want to make all the decisions I’m going to be telling other people what to do!”

Well, you’re wrong, and I’ll tell you why.

I started out as a video editor and I was editing game highlights on a nightly basis and as I moved up in my career to new positions, the video editing skills I had mastered became one of the most important skills I brought with me.

As a sports producer I felt like I was more in control of my shows because if my sportscast started to get a little heavy or out of control, I could jump into an edit bay and take a 45 second soundbite and trim it down to 30 seconds. Or if I had an idea for a music video that I was having trouble explaining my vision to someone else I could jump into an edit bay and create it my own way. That meant I was in control of my show and I could determine the visual appearance of my sportscast.

What about if you are a sports reporter – you’re out in the field shooting a story and you have a vision you can see how it’s going to lay out, how the music is going to be and the different pieces of video you are going to lay over your voice track and then you have to try and translate your vision to someone else. Think how powerful it is for you to be able to jump into the edit bay and create the whole picture yourself. Not only are you a more valuable employee, but chances are your pieces are going to turn out better because they will deliver your message the way you intended.

Learn how to edit video and you will be a very valuable employee and see your career sky rocket

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  1. Son Slaydon says:

    People might make fun of FCPX as iMovie Pro, although while using most recent updates, it is in fact extremely powerful.

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